How to Choose the Right Apartment

Whether you are moving out from your parents’ home on your own, or you have moved a lot as an adult lately, you might find it hard to choose the best apartment that suits all your needs. You need to think about factors like location, neighbors, maintenance issues and safety but still choose a place you can afford. If you follow a few simple steps, you will save yourself from a lot of headaches and wasted time, and you can find one of the best Charlotte apartments possible.

First of all you need to set up a personal budget so that you can know for sure how much you can afford on an apartment. You should write down every expense you are expected to pay including utilities and renters insurance. Don’t forget anything and when your list is complete make a total sum. Some of the financial advisers recommend that you spend one-third of your income on housing at most. If your budget is too large think about things you could give up like public transportation if you move to an apartment that is close to your job or reduce the rent if you find a smaller place.

Print a map of the city you want to move in and buy some markers. Cross off with black all the areas you don’t want to move in. Mark your first choice with one color, your second choice with another color and so on. As it was mentioned before, take into consideration public transport expenses if you choose an apartment far from your job. Also, take into consideration shopping possibilities and all the other places you need to go frequently to and choose an area that is in the center of all these spots.

If you have decided in which area you want to live start looking for an apartment. Check free apartment guides found at the grocery store, Craigslist and classifieds in local papers and ask your friends and relatives to keep their eyes open and tell you if they see some postings. Make a list of all the apartments you found in the area you want to move in and are in your price range. Find some reviews given online by previous renters and check complaints about the property management. If pets are important to you, ask about pet allowance and write it down for every apartment on your list. Ask the landlords about amenities including washer, drier or laundry rooms in the building.

When you checked all these, start seeing the remaining apartments. Be attentive with the inside and the surrounding of the apartments as well. If you have found a place, you like the drive by at night and check if there is loud music or suspicious people wondering around. If you see a friendly face, ask him if he likes living in the neighborhood.