Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Look in Your Apartment

If you are bored with your apartment, you might want to make some changes to make it stylish and give it a fresh feeling. When you are planning to redecorate, you need to consider the landlord’s opinion about it if you are renting. Landlords often don’t let tenants do significant changes, but some of them even pay for material if the tenant wants to make a change they like. So considering your landlord’s opinion and using the best of your creativity you can start making your home look brand new.

If you are not allowed to use nails and hammers just hang your artwork on plastic hooks with super adhesive strength so when you move out you just pull the hooks and leave the wall intact. Don’t try to expose all your decorations and collectibles at once, that will only make your apartment look narrow and cluttered. Try to rotate your precious things and change them monthly. Use reversible bed and couch spreads so that when you get tired of one look you just turn it over and there you have a fresh look of your living room or bedroom.

Charlotte Apartments usually don’t have spacious walk-in wardrobes but tiny ones, and you can often face the lack of space for all your clothes and things. You could buy an adjustable rod to place it under the one you have and gain some more space. Maximize your storage space by putting things underneath your bed. Just cover it with a longer bed spread and use boxes, baskets and suitcases to store all your things. If you have many boxes, that look alike just write with a black marker what you have in each one of them.

Space saving works best with multifunctional furniture. You can buy a table instead of a work desk for example and use it for many purposes. Or instead of buying one large dining table you could purchase many tiny tables and just pull them together if you have guests. Nothing can save more space than a futon that can serve as bed and couch as well. Look around and be inventive, find new roles for the furniture you already have.

Add some plus personality and charm to your apartment by buying some new amps with interesting figures and colors. You can also make some mirror tricks to spread light across the rooms and make cramped spaces look larger and brighter. If your landlord won’t let, you paint the walls get some large pieces of plywood and paint them any color crosses your mind or wallpaper them, and then lean them against the walls. Also when you buy new curtains look for materials that add color and interesting designs to your rooms. But be careful to choose accessories wisely because even a beautiful apartment can be ruined with the wrong combinations.